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Emmett Clown

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When my husband and I went on our honeymoon to Orlando, we stopped by his Aunt/God-mother's house, so I could meet her. She is an incredible woman who came here from Cuba with my mother-in-law and her brother and then she became a Dermatologist. She had since retired and over the years, collected many types of items.

She took us to her basement "game room" and was showing us around, when I spotted some Emmett Kelly Coca Cola Clown figurines standing around. Now, I LOVE Coca Cola memorabilia, almost as much as I love Mickey Mouse. She heard me gasp (which I didn't intend to do out loud) and then she walked to a closet, opened it and said, "Which one would you like to have?" I almost fell down! She had TONS of these clowns stored away in the closet, all still in their boxes (yes, I still have my box) and so in a whirlwind I chose the "Big, Big Taste" clown I am reviewing here.

I have had this Emmett Kelly clown on display for almost 11 years now and still love it, but mostly because of her generosity and of course what Emmett Kelly himself represents.

These are no longer made and were made by Coca Cola and were distributed by Stanton Arts, Inc.

I have looked online and it appears many of these originally sold for around $75.00 and now re-sell to collectors for close to $200. I have also seen just a couple of these clowns (different models), on eBay for sale around $30 - not sure if those come with a box, but that's a pretty low price and obviously being sold my someone who doesn't know collectibles. But of course it depends on the condition of the figurine, numbering in the series, etc. This particular clown I have doesn't appear to be on sale anywhere online - so I am surely keeping him safe. And collectibles are only worth what the collector is willing to pay. What someone may pay $200 for, another person may give you $5.00, or not really care.

My collector's piece is numbered 4713/7500. Many other pieces that were made for Coca Cola were in quantities of 9000.

I just love the colors of Emmett's rag clothing and the huge Coca Cola bottle and glass of Coke he is holding. The lid for the bottle lays on the floor, right in front of Mr. Kelly. There is also a Coca Cola bottle logo right behind his left foot - it almost looks like a copper penny.

For many of you young people out there, Emmett Kelly, Jr. was the world's most famous clown. If you'd like to read some of his biography, please click here it takes you to his Bio online. He truly was an American Institution and gave much of his free time to charities and just making people laugh.