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Emo Wallet

Reviewing: Liz Claiborne Medium Croco Leather Tri Fold Wallet  |  Rating:
By ladychai on
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My officemate gave this to me. I never regarded about the brand, what is Liz Claiborne anyways?

She remarked, "Here Chai, this is for you, this is my mom's collection I just took it without her permission and she did not know she is missing one wallet"

I offered my usual thanks not knowing what she just gave me. "That's a Liz Claiborne Wallet, ha" she added. Ah okay...

So what is with having a "Liz Claiborne" wallet?

--Duh, Chai, Liz Claiborne is just one of the largest icons in the fashion industry and you are lucky to have one of their products.

So, okay, let me scrutinize this product then. Hmmm.... the wallet seems durable and fits the purpose. You have enough room for your plastics, ids, bills, you can place coins at the back yet the size is manageable enough. Hmmm...

So how long have you had the wallet?

--Ah around 5 years or so...

And how does your wallet look now despite of everyday use?

--Looks Brand New, hehehe

It does not have any signs of wear and tear except perhaps the insides where the cloth already had some ink stains from constant placing of pen between the folds of the wallet other than that it looks fabulous.

How about the general look and feel of the wallet? What can you say about it?

--It is nice, sophisticated yet versatile, good for everyday use and at the same time the shiny black crocodile skin is good enough to bring during formal events.

Why is the title of your review EMO wallet anyways? Just wonderin'

-- Come on, didn't you notice? The color says it all, pink and black. Emo is a new genre of music that teens are listening now and they adapted this pink and black ensemble.

So does this mean that this wallet can be for teenage girls as well as women?

-- Duh back to you.... like what I said versatile.

Oh by the way Chai, did you notice that you are talking to yourself?

Oh yeah, I did and my cheeks are now blushing....