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Arplix Franklin By Arplix Franklin on
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We love holiday candles around our house it always is nice to have a pumpkin pie or apple cider candle for the fall. Who wouldn't want a candy cane or sugar cookie candle for Christmas time? Well we aren't huge Yankee candle fans we all think it's a bit too strong but my dad found a wonderful Sugar cookie candle by Empire several years ago. He went to routine trip to Walgreens and found it.

It was called sugar cookie buscuit and it actually smelled like warm baking sugar cookies. You couldn't use it when you were hungry or man did it make your mouth water. I haven't found another candle like it. It was so fresh, no overpowering vanilla smell and it was suttle and soft.

The candle lasted several years and no one was happy when it was time to throw it out when it was gone. So we went hunting for another which I'm guessing they no longer make that certain one. So I'd say maybe 7 years ago we found another empire candle called sugar cookie and it was as close as we could get to the other one. The smell is a bit different but it still has the fresh baked cookie scent.

It is nice to smell but you always expect to open the oven and see a huge pan of cookies. Kind of sad when there isn't anything there. Sadly our candle will be gone in a few more years I'd say and so out we will go for another sugar cookie candle hunt. This year we found another empire candle called yet again sugar cookie but this one isn't as plesant.

The scents are stated on the candle (vanilla, orange, lemon and something else) the vanilla is very prominant. Our home baked cookies don't smell like that so hopefully in a few more years we will find that fresh baked scent we so enjoy and torture ourselves over every year.