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Empire Earth 2

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War is always the theme of the game to be interesting, but very few games that the start of the war since the first human birth to the modern era. One of the game successfully brings the war from a different era Empire Earth, which is now showing its sekuel, Empire Earth 2.

You've played the first Empire Earth remember how the complexity of management that you must set. In its sekuel this, the complexity of management more improved again. Outside the system based game that is still gathering the common resource used in most RTS, there are so many that you need to look at than to build, upgrade, train troops, and war. Fortunately this game provides a tutorial that will guide you to know all the features in the game. But this tutorial can make bored because you can not skip a tutorial, so you are forced to listen up.

New features

One of the new features included in the game is vital Military, Economic and Imperial Crowning. At each time, or called in the game as an Epoch, you can do research to develop the 4 topic areas of each category. Each time you succeed on the field each Epoch, before the other players are able, you will get honor for your success in the field. Not only that, you will also gain access to the ability-specific capabilities, for example, the price of training troops for a cheaper Military Crowning. Another added feature is an interface where you can monitor your power region. In the window there is a Citizen Manager is in the form of a map of where the activities you can be monitored in real time. In addition to the Citizen Manager Planning War there is also where you can create a strategy of war with the features provided. Terrible war plans that you create this you can send to other players, especially your ally. That way you and your friends can do Join Attack or a specific strategy that requires cooperation antarpemain. A feature which is very interesting for use in multiplayer games. Disappointing that, this feature does not apply to the AI, so even if you send a war plan, they will not move. But this must be true because if the AI is up to this stage means that the AI is very advanced.