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Emu Oil Dry Lotion Bar

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What's a dry lotion bar, you ask? It's like a liquid lotion but is loaded up with beeswax so that it's solid - perfect for your purse, airline travel, pretty much anywhere! Many natural soapmakers produce dry lotion bars, but what has me raving about this one is that it contains 40% emu oil.

I have some rather nasty eczema on my right hand that has been impossible to get rid of. I've tried topical prescription medication and topical steroid creams for it. The only thing that has helped it at all is emu oil. Emu oil is wonderful stuff - it is anti-inflammatory and can penetrate all the way to the bone, making it great for things like eczema, arthritis, etc. So, twice a day, I slather emu oil on my hand. Problem is that during the day, I have to wash my hands often, and all that washing and drying just dries the skin out more, excerbating the eczema. That's where this dry lotion bar comes in. After putting on emu oil and letting it absorb, I "seal" the area with this dry lotion bar. Because of its consistency, it doesn't wash off like a liquid lotion or oil would. However, it's still helping treat my hand eczema because it's 40% emu oil! It's been wonderful for my eczema, even when parts of my knuckles have been cracked and weeping. Along with liquid emu oil, I'll use it for any kind of dry or chapped skin because nothing else I've found works like it!