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End The Fed

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Have you ever wondered why a Dollar buys a nickel's worth? Have you ever thought why prices are always going higher and higher? Lastly, why are two income families just getting by now whereas everyone used to have a one income family and just got along fine?

Congressman Ron Paul of Texas explains in this book something which is of great interest to everyone but hardly anyone understands. That is about the mechanics of money. He details how money is created, increased, regulated and circulated by the Federal Reserve system. He exposed the Fed as a fraud. Not only is it not a government agency or even a quasi government agency. It is actually a private bank owned and controlled by the elite in Europe and America.

He also details that despite the Fed being advertised as the one who stabilizes prices and takes care of the American people, it is the one who is responsible for such periods as The Great Depression and the current American recession. The Fed has absolute control over the issue of the nation's money supply so there is no one else to blame.

He also explains how money is created out of thin air and that money is actually debt. It is no longer backed by gold and silver. It is therefore not possible to be debt free under this premise. That is why America and its citizens are bankrupt. He then calls for the abolishment of the Fed as it is not a necssary institution.

I highly recommend this book to everyone. This is no conspiracy theory book but a book based on facts. Ron Paul has fought the Fed for three decades as he has seen the evils of the Fed. Read this book and discover has he has discovered.