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Energizer Aa E2 Lithium Batteries

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It seems like nearly every device nowadays requires some form of battery to operate, and for years the most popular battery type seems to have been the AA. AA batteries are available from many different makers, and for many different prices, but they are not all equal. The top of the line AA battery that I have encountered is the E2 Lithium AA battery made by Energizer.

While Energizer E2 AA batteries are the same size as standard Alkaline and Rechargeable AA batteries, there are many differences.

First, these batteries offer a very long shelf life, which is claimed to exceed 10 years. While regular Alkaline batteries may have discharged over years of sitting on a shelf, Energizer Lithium batteries will still be ready to go.

Second, Energizer E2 Lithium batteries are more stable in temperature extremes when compared to standard Alkaline batteries, and are well suited to use in extreme heat or cold.

Third, they weigh considerably less than standard Alkaline or NiMH rechargeable batteries.

Along with the benefits that they offer, there are some things that you you should be aware of. Energizer E2 lithium AA batteries do cost considerably more than standard Alkaline batteries, and they may not be available everywhere that standard Alkaline batteries are.

In addition, be aware that these batteries will have a slightly higher starting voltage when compared to a standard Alkaline battery (approximately 1.7 volts compared to 1.5 volts). Be sure that your device can handle this higher voltage.

In closing, if you need the a battery that can last for long periods in between uses, endure extreme temperatures, and you are willing to pay a little more for higher quality, then Energizer E2 Lithium AA batteries may be just what you need.