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Energizer Keeps Batteries Charged

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When some of our office employees switched to using a wireless mouse there was a sudden increase in battery use. Since we are all trying to cut costs any way we possibly can we purchased the Energizer Compact Charger for AA and AAA Energizer NiHM batteries.

This has greatly decreased our use of batteries, our cost, plus the disposal of regular batteries. You will find this charger rotating between the offices of those who use it. It's very compact in size (only 3 x 3 inches when fully closed), lightweight, and will charge either AA or AAA batteries or a combination of both. It can be thrown in a desk drawer when not in use or it's small enough to fit in a purse to take home and charge up your own batteries if that's OK with the boss!!

It's very simple to place the batteries into this charger (there's a contact that flips down when charging the smaller size batteries, picture #3), you then plug the unit into a standard AC outlet and watch the light show begin. When one light icon is blinking it means it is charging and when two are blinking it means you're halfway done. When your battery is fully charged the icons change to a solid color. If there's a problem, the light icons will rapidly blink at you.

It takes anywhere from 4 to 6-1/2 hours to fully recharge your batteries so we always try to have extra charged ahead of time. We also let it run overnight if needed. This charger turns off automatically so we never worry about something going wrong.

This would also be great to take along when traveling and you have a need for batteries, either on vacation for your camera, or something work related. I use them in a small pen flashlight which I take with me into the warehouse when I'm checking stock counts in dark dingy aisles!!

This charger is definitely something I would recommend for every office. I don't even want to think of how many batteries we've purchased over the years and had to throw out when they no longer worked!