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Energy There You Are!

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After a long winter of hunkering down like the good old bears and other hibernating experts of the wild, I was feeling a little haggard from being pent up in a house and doing very little in the way of good old shaking and moving. I'd also decided during the past winter that I was going to look for more natural solutions to pharmaceutical medications which I'd found had a tendency to add just a little bit more "pudge" than I was comfortable in carrying around with me on a daily basis. I'd succeeded in getting off of all my medication save one which is a necessity and I'd also shed the extra poundage my medication had slipped on while I wasn't looking. The bad of that however, is that I'd been on a bit of a whirl wind schedule the past month and just about everything had taken a back seat while I pushed out some things that I'd wanted to get on the go. Eating very irratically had added to my lethargic funk. I'd taken to chugging back far more coffee than I knew I should and as caffeine has a wonderful way of eating up the Iron reserves a body has, I began to notice in just the past week that I'd been feeling cold frequently and I had a few other symptoms that were a clear indicator that my Iron supply was diminishing.

So, I figured that a good old bottle of Multi Vitamin tonic would do the trick. While scoping out the massive selection in this category my eyes happened to fall on a little gem called Royal Jelly. I'd heard of this item in my travels but had never considered it before. Looking closer I noted the bottle indicated "for Energy and Stamina" - well that fit right in with my game plan and sounded worth a try.

Armed with my vitamin regimen and a few hundred dollars lighter thanks to a "quick" stop at the grocery store to load up on "healthy eating" supplies, I made my way home and once there I downed the vitamins and slugged back a Royal Jelly tablet. Sixty of these golden gems came in the bottle and at 500mgs each the standard call for the day was 2 tablets - I was pleased to see I wouldn't have to swallow several of them which is normally the case for many of the Natural Herbal remedies out there - or at least the ones I tend to grab..

In less than an hour I was feeling 110% more alive - it was incredible! I was not only feeling much better but I had indeed found my long lost energy drive and at 2 a.m. I was doing laundry, cleaning floors and preparing the house for the next day. No, that isn't the ideal time to expend excess energy and if I'd taken the Royal Jelly early in the day I likely wouldn't have had this issue at all.

The problem I have had is that I haven't been able to sleep quite as soundly as I'd like - I finally went to bed at 5 a.m. this morning and was up again only a few hours later simply because I'd kept waking up and figured I might as well just get up for good. I took 2 more of the Royal Jelly tablets today and honestly, despite the fact that I'm still up and at it at 3:15 a.m., well, that's fine with me - I don't have young children any more, no one needs to be at school and the only thing on my schedule is cleaning windows ;) I'm definitely going to keep a supply of these on hand. At only $8.99 for 60 tablets, one bottle will last a full month and unless something weird takes place, I only wish that I'd found these sooner.

If you are allergic to bee stings the bottle warns you not to take these as they include Bee Pollen - and those who suffer from asthma shouldn't take these either. Also if you are a nursing mom or are pregnant again, they are not recommended. I am none of these things and I'm thankful that I decided to take a chance on these.

I've found that in just the last two days my mood has gone from one of worrying about a few deadlines and looming changes that are going on in our household to being someone who just felt like cranking up the music and really enjoying the increasingly nicer weather...this is another quality of Royal Jelly - you not only feel more energetic, you also feel more in tune with the good side of life - a definite added benefit.

Today, I topped my wonderful new find with a success - I'd purchased a top two years ago that at the time I think I was still a bit in denial about the bit of weight I'd put on and I had been so disappointed when it actually made me look like a beached whale. Not any longer! Now, it fits the way it should - so armed with my Royal Jelly and my more au naturale medication style - I'm totally ready for sun, fun and good times!