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Enhanced Sound Effects With Terratech Sound Card

Reviewing: Terratech Aureon 5.1 Pc Sound Card  |  Rating:
By harsha on
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My wife uses the desktop computer we have at the home. That is a old PC which I bought at the time of my studies which is before my marriage. She always used to complain about the sound quality which, I must say, is really poor. The audio suddenly used to go mute for sometime without any reason. For sometime, I didn't bother as I don't use that computer but once I had to use it as my laptop completely freezed. Then I understood the 'seriousness' of the problem.

My friend gave me this Terratech Aureon 5.1 sound card. He had a spare one which he bought when he used to reside in London. My wife always says that it is giving a great audio effects and the sound quality is very good. Even I observed this and really found it very fine sound card. I play computer games often and after buying this sound card, I am playing games on the desktop PC as it is giving great sound effects. Since I play action games it is really a great help. Even the music which my wife always listens to can now be listened with more pleasure because of the enhanced sound effects and beats.

With the 5.1 channel sound effect, we can connect it to upto 6 speakers but we connected to only four speakers and even then it is giving great effect. Since it can be connected to upto six speakers, connecting it is not at all an issue. As far as the sound format is concerned, it goes well with almost all sound formats we have barring a couple or two.

It is a great sound card with great output power and great audio quality. Music, movies and games can be played and watched with enhanced sound effects with dolby sterio. It is one good accessory one can have but I doubt whether it is available in the USA.