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Enjoy Hours Of Fun With Sequence!

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One of my favorite board games of all time to play is called "Sequence." Sequence is a really easy, fun game for people of all ages. It doesn't take that much "smarts" so usually kids even as young as 5 or 6 can play as long as there is someone a little older to help them.

Sequence is played on a larger than normal game board that has little pictures of playing cards on it. There are two pictures for each of the 52 cards in a deck. They are arranged kind of randomly, and kind of in order. There might be 2 of clubs through 8 of clubs together in one row and maybe 9 of diamonds through king of diamonds in another row. The game comes with three sets of chips; red, green, and blue. It also comes with 104 playing cards, or rather 2 full decks. The concept of the game is to draw a card and place one of your chips on the picture on the board that corresponds with your card. You want to get a sequence of 5 on the game board with your colored chips either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. You need TWO sequences of five to win. If you want to play a longer game you can go for three sequences. There are also the "Jacks" which are played a little differently. A one-eyed jack allows you to take away one of your opponents chips from the board and a two-eyed jack allows you to place a chip anywhere you want on the board, like a wildcard. The game can get a little crazy and cut-throat when you start using these cards!!

When you play with two people the game can usually last anywhere from 20 minutes to maybe 35 minutes. I did have a game lasted about an hour before. Since there are only 3 colors of chips the game is tailored for 2-3 players or up to 3 teams of players.

This game was a favorite of my family's to play when I would come home on weekends from college. Now that I've moved down to Florida I usually play it with my boyfriend when we are bored, or feel like a board game. JAX makes some great games and I have a few of their other ones that are just as fun as Sequence, but Sequence will always be one of my favorites!