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Enjoy Wii On An Hdtv

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After reading all the dismal reviews for third party component cables I decided I wouldn't take chances with my Wii and just go for the official Nintendo brand one. The major downside is that this thing costs $30! But its worth every cent

because I've never had problems with official Nintendo products. All the cables still work from my old systems like N64 and Gameboy.

Basically when you play Wii on an HDTV with the standard cables you get with the console, colors are slightly faded, the picture quality is a bit fuzzy.. Not really to totally ruin the picture, but you know immediately that its not fully

clear and crisp.

So what's the verdict? How does my Wii look now that its equipped for an HDTV? Well its brighter. Stronger colors. No more slight blurriness. Was it worth $30? Not really considering Wii games aren't even made with HD TVs in mind. But why buy a cheaper 3rd party one that'll need to be replaced after a few months? You'll probably end up spending more in the long run with cheaper brands. I wish they'd consider reducing the price a little though.

I'm satisfied with the picture quality however I was watching videos through Wii's Nintendo Channel but even at "high" quality it still didn't seem that good - but that's not the fault of these cables, I guess Nintendo just

doesn't make their vids in HD. So just stating that now incase you think the vids are going to be crystal clear and all. Aside from more vibrant colors, all this will do is basically give you a clear standard def-type visual experience except on an HDTV. Younger players probably won't care so this seems like a luxury item for older players who are picky about image quality.