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Enjoyable Fishing Sequel

Reviewing: Hudson Fishing Master: World Tour  |  Rating:
Kevin Roman By Kevin Roman on
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This is a great improvement over the 1st game. The 1st Fishing master game was basically bare bones. You walked terribly slow on the fishing maps and the dialogue was very dull (no life to it and tournaments didn't have any competitors, just a default computer that had a score). Getting points was a slow ordeal too, making it feel like powerleveling. Fortunately, this sequel has characters you can interact with and an improved control setup but you can get points for properly fishing in addition to getting the fishes. Basically you reel in the fish with your nunchuck and can stun it by moving it at opportune times with your wiimote (in the 1st game, the fishes didn't get stunned when you jerked the wiimote). You also don't have to hold b and release it to cast unlike the 1st game (you could possibly time it wrong at times and get a crappy cast). This is a good improvement, plus you get points for it to get more bait and rods. The interface looks a lot better too because it looks a lot brighter (the graphics are also better as they are more colorful though the music is ok) and you have a chance to react for the tougher fish battles (when the gauge is on break in the 1st game and I did not even move the nunchuck, I lost the fish sometimes). There are also boss fishing battles too which are fun.

I'd recommend this game to anyone who liked the Breath of Fire 3 fishing minigame. Just make sure you do not buy the 1st game by accident like I did (just called Fishing Master and it has a red cover, unlike world tour which has a blue cover, yet both games cost about the same which is ridiculous). The controls are fun, casting, reeling in, quickly moving your fishing rod to stun the fishes, and finally pulling them up. You can also fish while you're on a speedboat too which is pretty cool.