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Entering Alagaesia!

Reviewing: Christopher Paolini The Inheritance Series  |  Rating:
Joseph Burnett By Joseph Burnett on
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Well I've just finished the last of the 3, simply amazing! Don't watch the Eragon movie though!

Christopher Paolini has really created a world that is so vast and wonderous that it truly deserves the recognition and fame that he has recieved. The series runs as such: Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr. These books pull you in and send you on a whirl-wind adventure through perils, love, sorrow, and just about everything else one has come to expect from the great fiction writers.

When I first picked up Eragon I figured that I would give it a try and then *blink* I was finished. So I ran out and picked up the next two at the same time (I mean why not I would need the 3rd shortly anyway). At least I didn't have to wait for the others to come out like I've had to do many times before. Yay, for being late to the Inheritance party hahahaha.

So in all if any of you haven't read these titles yet and you have a little time to spare go pick up a copy. I think the paperback copies are like $7 - $12 or something like that so thats pretty reasonable. They have recieved praise from a vast number of reputable critics and periodicals including: The New York Times, People, Time, and USA Today.

Not to mention the cover jackets are quite lovely and it's always nice to have pretty bindings. I know don't judge a book by it's cover but I'm a sucker for metallic printing.