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When my husband had a recent accident which resulted in his vehicle requiring repairs our Vehicle Insurance came to the rescue. Through our insurance we have the option to obtain a Rental vehicle in the event either of our vehicles are out of commission due to an accident. The company that our Insurance provider used for my husband's requirement was Enterprise Leasing.

The insurance company, TD Insurance, made all the arrangements - notifying the Rental company that my husband would require a vehicle for a week while his truck was being repaired and all my husband had to do was drop his truck off at the Repair depot and wait to be picked up by Enterprise.

He dropped his truck off on Monday morning and Enterprise was there to pick him up and take him to their offices located about 5 minutes away. He was offered a truck but when my husband stated that the truck being offered was a bit of a step down from his own vehicle, did they have anything else available, the sales person, without hesitation offered him a Chrysler 300M - still, according to my spoiled husband, a step down from his truck, but he's really not that finicky and explained to the accomodating staff member that he was just "missing his truck" and to ignore him. The staff member quickly showed him the vehicle he would be driving and in under 5 minutes the transaction was complete and my husband was on his way.

He only had to have the car for three days as the repairs were done in record time and once the truck was ready for pick up we returned the car to Enterprise. While there, another fellow who had also had an accident and had been renting a vehicle for a few weeks was attempting to work out a situation that was the result of his Insurance company - they were refusing to pay the difference in the cost of the vehicle rental due to the fact that he had "upgraded" his vehicle when he'd first picked it up. My husband began to wonder if the same thing would happen in his situation but when it came time to do the circle check on the Chrysler and complete the paper work, he realized he had nothing to worry about. TD Insurance had no issues with the fact that the vehicle he had initially been offered was changed to something more comparable to his truck and the transaction was one that was extremely smooth from start to finish.

The next day Enterprise contacted us to ensure that we had been completely satisfied with the service and before leaving the evening before, they also questioned my husband about anything they may have been able to do more efficiently for him. They provided him with a discount on any future rentals which we will likely not take advantage of but overall, Enterprise at this Ottawa location was exceptional. Approximately 4 days later we received another call thanking us for doing business with them and extending the invitation to reach their Customer Care center should we have any concerns about the service we received.

The only issue that my husband could fault them for - and believe me - it would take an extremely picky person to meet with his standards, was that the car wasn't as clean as his truck! The car was, overall, a rental car with the expected wear and tear that these vehicles take. The vehicle was a 2009 and overall was a nice car but wasn't high end. It drove well, there were no issues with it and for a short term rental, it fit the need just fine.

The service at this particular outlet on Bank Street was beyond reproach in my opinion - they were attentive, punctual and completely accomodating. The staff was very friendly and worked to ensure that my husband was completely satisfied. I think we would rent from this location again if ever we had the need to do so.