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Reviewing: Stephenie Meyer Twilight  |  Rating:
Jennifer Tang By Jennifer Tang on
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OK, I got caught in the hype and decided to read Twilight. It was just as everyone had said, exciting and thrilling. I love the concept of a teen love with a vampire. (Though I don't understand the wackos that break up with their boyfriends for not being Edward. I mean, Really?!)

Anyway, the story follows a girl named Bella (Isabella) who moves to Washington and meets a strange boy that she assumes detests her. He is super cold and distant one day then he becomes seductive and kind, and Bella has no idea what's going on. She figures out he's a vampire, which leads to an exciting chase that may lead to her demise.

I simply loved this book. For two days I couldn't put it down. I fell in love with the male lead, Edward, who is what a girl looks for in a guy. Bella is a character that would remind anyone, anyone who actually reads manga that is, of a shoujo manga heroine. Clumsy, unsuitable for the male lead, and annoying. She is entertaining, but I think her characters needs some work.

The book was really great, and I'd recommend reading this book. The characters are pretty simple to understand and the plot is interesting enough to pass the time reading.