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Environmentally Friendly Carpet By Eco Worx!

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When I found out last year that we were replacing the carpeting at work I was excited for 2 reasons: First, our old carpeting was just so ugly, it had been cleaned so many times I think it made it even more prone to dirt. Second, we were going "green"!!!

After many samples were brought in for us to look at, we decided on the Shaw Ecoworx Performance Broadloom 24" x 24" carpet squares. Why was this so special you ask? Well, these carpet squares have a non-PVC backing system. This means that these carpeting tiles can be recycled, either into more Ecoworx backing or into more carpet. No more polluting the landfills!!

This is commercial carpeting that I plan to install when we redo our basement as I am so impressed with it. The main reason is that if normal carpeting gets stained beyond repair, using these tiles means we can remove the piece that is damaged and replace it with a new one. How great is that!! How much less waste when you need only to replace one piece instead of entire room of carpeting.

Overall, I love the new look in our office. We decided on a geometiic design that consists of rust, brown, beige and a little hint of green. There's no right or wrong way of matching these up. The installers came in after hours over a period of several days so we had no excuse for a day off!! We get a lot of heavy traffic and the carpeting still looks beautful. We did purchase more than enough extra carpeting squares in case we need to replace one!!

Update On Mar 14, 2010: These carpet tiles continue to outshine any commercial carpet we've had in our office. There have been no pieces that have come loose or damaged considering all the traffic in some of the hallways and the carpet in my office still looks new. I'm very impressed with Shaw EcoWorx!