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Epiphone Les Paul Ultra Ii

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By mr77 on
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Epiphone is a company known for a wide range of instruments in terms of both sound and quality. This guitar easily ranks high in both and is easily the best guitar Epiphone has put out for quite some time.

The first noticeable feature of this guitar is the quilt top. It comes in transparent black and a cherry sunburst, both of which are stunning and show craftsmanship on par with Gibson. The looks are completed with a dovetail neck which is finished in red or black depending on the respective color.

The sound is absoloutely beautiful and in my experiences nearly indistuingishable from a Gibson. The two alcino humbucker have gold covers which match the rest of the hardware. The tuners are grovers which stay in tune easily for a month if not played and a week or two if played extinsively. The four knobs on the guitar control slightly different than a standard Les Paul though. The two tone controls are standard and control the Rythym and Treble humbuckers respectively, while the volume knobs control a master volume and the nanoMAG pickup volume. The nanMAG pickup is what makes the guitar unique. Located discretely under the 21st fret the nanomag is a small black bar which produces an acoustic sound which is unbelieveably good. It gives the sound of a light snappy acoustic guitar. The back of the guitar contains a treble, bass and gain control for the pickup. The bass can produce a sound a bit too low at times but works great if not maxed out.

Another feature of the guitar is two input jacks. One is a mono which combines the three pickups and allows you to go full out electric by killing the volume on the nanoMag using it's respective knob or mixing the two to produce very unique sounds. The second changes the guitar into a two stereo channels with the nanomag routing through one and the electric through the other. With an audio switcher this can make such classics as Led Zeppelin's Over the HIlls and Far Away playable with one guitar by switching between the electric and acoustic channels.

Overall the Epiphone Les Paul Ultra II is a great guitar and easily one of the best in it's price range.