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Epson T13 Ink Jet Printer Uses Ink Quickly

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iceprincess By iceprincess on
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Epson T13

Last weekend, my fiance and I started printing our nuptial mass guide. Sending it to commercial printing services would cost per piece, so we decided to ask a friend if we could print on his Epson T13 printer. At least we will spend only for the paper and ink. We purchased substance 24 A4 size paper because our friend advised us, based on his experience. Thin papers usually cause paper jam.

The printer, Epson T13, looks compact, occupies only small space on the desk. It can load A4, letter and legal size paper so it seems very good for personal use. I checked the price when we bought the ink for replacement, and I’m already contemplating buying one for myself, but I still put it on hold until I checked its performance and print output. The price is so cheap, around US$55 only, when converted from Philippine pesos. We bought ink for each color (black, cyan, magenta and yellow) and each one cost 450 pesos or around US$10.

I did the layout and encoding of the guide. It is 28 pages, including the cover, so per copy will only use seven A4 sheets with prints on both sides, folded and stapled in the middle. We decided to produce 75 copies. When everything was ready we started printing the first sheet, which is the cover. We still used the installed cartridge since it was still half full. The Epson T13 printer can accommodate 75 sheets or more so we do not have problem replenishing paper. We printed in normal mode since it is cover sheet. I think it took about 30 minutes or less to finish 75 sheets. Then we turned over the sheets to print page two. We first tried the fast or economy mode on one paper. It printed so fast, I think less than a minute for a sheet filled with text, but the color of the ink is so light or it is already gray in color. So we just print it in normal mode again. This was a problem we did not anticipate. Page two is already filled with text and to finish 75 copies lasted for an hour. Succeeding pages filled with text lasted more than an hour in printing 75 copies. Another problem we encounter with Epson T13 printer is it uses so much ink. The print quality is good but we used four black inks and spend two and a half days in printing because we need to go out to buy ink. I used Stylus BT font. Some italic Stylus BT font had shadow like lines in the printout.

Overall, Epson T13 produce good quality prints but you just have to be ready with reserved ink for replacement, and be more patient while printing.