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Equate Acid Reducer

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Reducer Acid Omeprazole Medications Equate

I had to turn to the heavy duty acid reducer since my indigestion was not subsiding. I was reluctant to buy Prilosec, even though I knew it worked. I have a hard time shelling out my hard earned money sometimes.

But I have to say that Wal-Mart's equate version of Prilosec OTC is very good and it worked for me within 2 days.

The instructions say to take these if you have heartburn 2 or more days per week and I fall into the almost every day category. Sometimes it's hard to sleep and I surely can't eat late at night or I am in trouble.

This pack has 14 tables that are sealed in the traditional foil package. You press out a pill from the back and take it with a glass of water before your morning meal. The idea is to take 1 a day for 14 days and then not to take any more. I have family members that need to take medication like this almost daily because their acid reflux is so bad.

The tablets do not make you drowsy and they are easy to swallow. Not to mention they are much cheaper than the name brand Prilosec ones.

I think these work just as well and so far after almost a week of taking them, I have no complaints.

It may take some people 1-4 days before they feel relief. If you are allergic to the drug "Omeprazole", of course do not take this. The tablets are delayed release of 20 mg of Omeprazole. This is the same main ingredient that is found in Prilosec.

For ages 18 and up.

Update On Aug 07, 2010: I was pleased with these tablets and I think they work just as well as the name brand Prilosec, but for much less. I will be purchasing these again in the future. After all, they are the same active ingredient.