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Equate Alcohol Free Oral Rinse

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By mikeys-thoughts on
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The Price and Quality

The first thing I like about Equate Mouthrinse is its more affordable since its the Walmartversion. The quality is just as good in my opinion. I don't get a burning sensation when rinseing since its alcohol free. Also it comes in a good size with it being a 1.5 litter bottle. The Overall Value of Equate Mouth Wash can't be beat. That is unless you have a coupon for another brand name mouthwash thats around the same size. Also another way to spot this product is the liquid is blue while the other Equate version containing Alcohol in the mouthrinse is orange.

The Comparisons

My teeth and gums just don't feel right unless I rinse my mouth out the night before with this product and then brush my teeth. My teeth seem to feel more sensitive to foods that have sugar in them the next day without using the Equate Mouthrinse nightly. Flossing my tooth on my left side in the very back and then using this mouthrinse really helps alleviate the pain of the wisdom tooth that needs to be taken out. This product also makes my gums feel better as a whole after flossing all my teeth.

How It Speeds My Morning Up

What I also like about the product is after I drink soft drinks in the morning I use Equate Alcohol Free Mouthrinse and rinse my mouth out 2 straight times immediately after drinking a soft drink. After doing this I don't have to worry about any pain sensitivity to my teeth. Its easier and faster to do this with the mouthwash in the morning instead of brush my teeth. This way I can get on with my day sooner. I just can't give up the soft drinks so this helps.

Other Information That Goes Well With Mouthwash That You May Not Know About

I've looked up that the back part of the mouth consists of the most germs so tilting the head back and gargling mouthwash can make the mouth feel the cleanest. Although I feel silly doing this I can tell a difference as the back of my mouth seems to feel the most clean. I have went to oral health websites and they said Alcohol-Free Mouthrinse is more effective at helping oral hygiene than the mouthwash that contains Alcohol. They said why but I can't remember what it was.


Yeah other Alcohol-Free Mouthwash brands do the job but the Equate brand does the job at the most affordable price. I still think the price of the product could be a little more affordable but this is the best option for me at the current.