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Equate Astringent Skin Cleanser

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Have you ever felt like you can never get your skin clean enough? That there is always some type of oil or dirt hiding somewhere? Look no further than Equate's Astringent Skin Cleanser. This skin cleaner is amazing; it is a deep skin cleanser that cleans to the deepest pores of your skin and leaves a refreshing feeling. The main ingredient is alcohol which at first when you are using this product gives you a tingling burning sensation on your face. Sometimes depending on if you have popped pimples or cuts it will hurt, but no one ever said staying pretty was painless! But seriously, its all part of the product working.

The directions tell you to moisten a cotton ball with the Astringent and run it over your face until it feels clean. This is a little bit broad of an instruction. What you want to do is to wash your face with soap and water first to loosen up any dirt or oil on your skin. Use hot water, as hot as you can stand it, to loosen everything up. Then use the Astringent. Your entire face will be tingly and burn. Once you have wiped down your face with the Astringent, gently rinse your face with water and pat dry. Once your face dries completely you will fell the cleanliness of your face as well as feel the new smoothness. You'll also notice a really cool, even chilling sensation.

Equate Astringent is perfect for removing make-up, whether it is regular cosmetic make-up or even the heavy type of Halloween make-up, this is powerful and will remove almost everything.

Do not use this Astringent if you have any type of deep wound or burn on your face or neck. This will only irritate it more and may cause problems. Because this is a very powerful skin cleanser, if you notice any type of irritation, stop using this immediately. This product is not perfect for certain types of skin. I found this awesome deep cleanser at Wal-Mart for only $2. If you want clean and healthy skin, you will definitely want to invest in Equate Astringent.