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Equate Cough Drops

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Stephanie Mason By Stephanie Mason on
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When I recently caught a cold I thought I would never stop coughing. I decided that I would go to Walmart to see if they had any sort of cough drops. I had heard about brand names that were supposed to help moisten your throat and suppress the coughing and had actually gone about buying a different brand then the one I am reviewing today. After spending about 10 minutes in the cold and flu isle however, I decided to try the Equate brand. They about 2 dollars cheaper and came in a "value size" (about 100 caugh drops) instead of 40.

I soon found out that like most other products, generic brands do the same as a popular brand does. After using these cough drops, I could feel the coolness in my throat and no longer had the urge to cough. Because they are menthol, they helped clear up my stuffed up nose as well.

I was very impressed with them but after a while, of sucking on these cough drops, they would leave an after taste in my mouth that was hard to get rid of. The after taste isnt something that would last for 10 minutes or so but for like 30-45 minutes. Even after drinking liquid I couldnt help get rid of it.

I would recommend these cough drops to someone who doesnt want to spend a lot of money for them but I will definatly worn them about the after taste.