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Equate Dry Skin Cream Just As Good

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kalar By kalar on
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Since my daughter has severe eczema, we have become connoisseurs, you might say, of various brands and types of lotions and creams. Our search for the most effective moisturizer has led us from the insanely expensive, to the bargain basement priced store brand. Much to our surprise, one of the most effective creams we have found is Wal Mart's Equate Dry Skin Cream. This cream has an ingredients list that matches in ingredient type and order its more expensive counterpart. It also performs just as well as the national brand, Eucerin, of which it is a knock off. The texture of the Equate Dry Skin Cream is slightly different, but no less effective than the more expensive brand. In the areas of moisture retention, size of tub, and nontransfer of grease or oil (very important when you must cover 90% of your child's skin, and don't want to bar them from sitting on your furniture or in the car), the Equate brand performs as well as the more expensive Eucerin. The only area that has a noticeable difference is the scent of the Equate cream. Although the Equate cream is listed as fragrance free, it does have a slight odor, something akin to non-scented petroleum jelly. At it's low price of $3.47 in our area, the Equate Dry Skin Cream is a superhero for our little eczema sufferer.