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Eragon Na Review

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By Tanner Rose on
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Eragon was a book about a teen living in a world of oppression. He finds a dragon egg which hatches and sets him on an adventure to to take out the current government and return things to the way they used to be.

First off, I'd like to explain my ratings of Eragon. I gave it a 4.4 in the category of Genre because it stuck to what it was meant to be, a great fantasy book. The author didn't try to do too much and make it overly confusing. I gave it a 4 in Author because although it was a great book, the writer was young and it showed in some areas. Some sentences seemed a bit "off" and hurt the book a bit, but not so much that it wasn't worth buying. Eragon performed perfectly in its length, giving the reader tons of exciting book without adding unnecessary content. And of course the content, which was suburb. As I said before, it was action-packed and only had a few minor flaws due to an inexperienced author. My own rating of its value was a 5 because it had an average price tag for an above-average book.

Overall Eragon is a great book for fantasy lovers that can overlook a few jumbled words and mixed up sentences. It's definitely worth your money, but probably not one that you'll hang on to forever