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By nana53 on
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I sit in front of a computer all day. By 10:00 everyday I was stiff in my low back and neck. I see a chiropractor regularly and my husband is a theraputic massage therapist. Both my chiropractor and my husband were constantly trying to undo the problem and I would go back to work and undo the work they had done.

Our Technology Specialist had this odd looking chair. I tried it out and realized I was not going to get the full impact until I tried this chair for a longer period of time. I ordered one from Gaiam.com. It is just an exercise ball that comes with a pump and a frame to hold the ball. When I opened the box, I thought I was going to regret this purchase and would probably be sending it back. Doesn't sound to comfortable, huh? Well, I love it! The best chair I have ever had.

This chair was designed by a chiropractor. It comes with a booklet that gives pictures of stretches and the health benefits of each one. There is even a stretch if you are having digestive issues, one to relax you if your are stressed, and one to wake you up if you are experiencing the mid afternoon slumps. To be honest I rarely take the time to do the stretches at work. I need to put the booklet in view so I will remember to take advantage of the stretches that I could do right at my desk. As a woman, I love products that multitask. Not only has my neck and back pain gone, the chair also serves as a piece of exercise equipment while I work. By sitting in this chair your are strengthening your abs, the muscles in your low back and using muscles groups in your legs as you roll around your office. You gotta love that.

I gave the chair a 5 for adjustablitiy. You don't adust the chair, because you don't need to. It sits a little lower than your regular chair. As a result you are sitting up straigher.

I have only found one draw back. If you wear a silky skirt, you will slide right off the chair. The day I discovered this, I had to sit at my old office chair for the day. By 10:00 my low back and neck were tight and hurting.

I am so glad I purchased this chair. I will not go back to the "normal office chair" again. I purchased this chair with my own money. When I leave my job to work at home full time from my computer, my chair will come home with me.