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Ergonomically Designed Exec Lap Desk

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When using my laptop, comfort just never seemed to happen. Working at a desk is not comfortable with all the pain that comes from having MS. I decided it was time for a change. I began looking for a lap desk. After searching for some time, I found the best way to add comfort to working on the laptop.

I found the Exec Lap Desk which is ergonomically designed and has a comfortable pillow bottom.

The Ergonomic and Medical Features

* It is adjustable to make my laptop sit at the right comfortable angle which cuts down on the glare of the screen and reduces the strain on my back.

* Soft adjustable wrist cushion puts my wrists at the proper angle for the best support and comfort when typing. I can work longer without my wrist and arms aching.

* Because this lap desk is insulated, the heat from the laptop will not burn my legs or cause me to over heat.

* It does not lock me into one position. I can easily move to avoid the strain to my body from remaining in one position for extended periods of time.

* It is in endorsed by the CDC, many colleges, and medical specialists; it reduces heat which is part of warnings put out by top laptop computer companies; and it meets ergonomic guidelines set down by OSHA.

Other features

* It is 19 inches wide allowing it to hold most laptops or keyboards. It will hold laptops or keyboards which are 17 inches wide and 11.9 inches front to back.

* It has 2 non skid pads on each end of the desk which will hold the laptop or keyboard stay securely in place.

* Recessed channel, in the center of the desk, allows air flow in and heat to vent out. This keeps the laptop.

* The non skid pads can double as a mouse pad if necessary.

* It is portable making it easily carried when traveling or changing locations.

* It is built to last with strong, durable materials. If it can withstand my abuse, then it can handle anything.

* It allows me to work comfortably on the couch, on bed, or just about any place where I want to work

I can't believe I ever used a laptop without this great lap desk. It has greatly improved the comfort and reduced the strain to my back, legs, arms, and wrists.

I can see no drawbacks unless you prefer sitting at a desk.

I would highly recommend this lap desk to anyone looking for comfort while working on the laptop or keyboard.