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Erie Insurance Group Is Still The Best

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alexsandralyn By alexsandralyn on
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Just last month, I hit a mid-life crisis of marital uncertainty with Erie Insurance Group even though we've raised and buried several cars together during the 26 years I've been with them. Was Erie Insurance really the best price I could get for car insurance on my financed 2007 Ford Focus?

Well, silly me, I thought I'd fill out one of those forms on the internet to compare auto insurance companies. And the next day I was bombarded by more than a dozen phone calls from a dozen different local insurance agents who were eager for my business. But one local agent in particular could compare the current rates of 12 different national insurance companies against my current policy for me, including Nationwide, Allstate, State Farm, Progressive, Traveler's and GEICO. So I spent some time talking to that agent, and I gave him my current Erie Insurance policy specs of liability, collision, comprehensive and rental line by line so I could evaluate the prices of each of these insurance companies fairly. I'm a good driver with one car who drives less than 5 miles to work and less than 12, 000 miles a year.

Erie Insurance came in with the best price quote of $679 per year for my current policy. Traveler's Insurance came in surprisingly close with a price quote of $684 per year for a comparable auto insurance policy. But GEICO and Progressive were asking for more than $1, 000 per year, and I just couldn't believe they were that expensive given all of their advertising claims. The agent told me to stick with Erie Insurance because they do really well by good drivers in my area. But Erie Insurance is very expensive for young drivers living in the DC area, and my 22 year old daughter was able to negotiate a better rate for herself with Progressive after comparing 6 different auto insurance companies, including Erie Insurance.

I haven't had a major at-fault accident since I was 17, but about 2 years ago, I had a "fender bender". I had backed into and busted the taillight of the parked car that belonged to my daughter's roommate in DC. I could have paid for this out of pocket, but I don't live in DC myself, and I was on my way back to PA when this happened. So I left my name, phone number, and license number on the windshield with the promise to pay for the damage through my insurance company if the owner would give me her contact information. And just as soon as I heard from her, I contacted my Erie Insurance agent to let them know the details about the accident. My agent told me not to worry; I was covered by "first accident forgiveness", so my insurance rates wouldn't go up from this. And there's no deductible on liability insurance, so I didn't have to pay anything out of pocket. An acturarian appraised the damage in DC about three days later, and the woman was estatic that the service was so quick and courteous on such an old car as she had.

So I can't complain about Erie Insurance Group. It's not a glamorous insurance company that advertises itself on national television commercials, but it does give solid service at a good price for good drivers.