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Erno Rubik's Invention :

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By missmusikera on
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I bought this Rubik's cube for myself last Christmas so that I can learn how to solve this little tricky puzzle. And at that time it was commonly used at school. I was wondering how my school mates could solve the cube so fast! So I saved up some money to buy one. At first, I tried solving it freely, then I just looked at my friends solve it, then I followed. You can develop skills when solving this cube. I use "Algorithms" to solve mine. Even my dad always have a hard time solving it, he even takes HOURS. The shortest time that I've solved a Rubik's Cube is 3 minutes, my friend takes 1 min! :| (i envy him).

At first, the cube is so SOFT or easy to twist around but maybe after weeks, it gets stiff. The best way to make it easy to twist again is to put some petroleum jelly inside it. To do this, you have to take of the cubes. (You may find a number of videos on the internet on how to put petroleum jelly in the Rubik's Cube) Any brand of petroleum jelly can be used.