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Eternal Sonata Review

Reviewing: Tri Crescendo Eternal Sonata  |  Rating:
By aminur rahman on
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Eternal sonata is a role-playing game created by tri-crescendo. It is about a man called Frederick who is at the brink of death and is asleep on his bed wakes up in a whole new mysterious world. There he joins a group of friends on an adventure to stop the current leader of the world into turning everyone into monsters. The game has many good points to it as well as bad. The plot of the game is incredibly good. It keeps you interested all throughout and you wouldn't want to stop playing. Always want to find out more. However one minor criticism about the plot is the ending. They made it to complex and many people didn't understand it.

The graphics of the game is animated style. So for people who enjoy anime/cartoons then they would like it. However for people who enjoy realistic cut scenes and fights, this isn't the game for you. The characters, scenery and entire game is completely animated. However it may look childish, but I can assure you the game itself is not. It is far to complicated for someone like a 10-year-old to understand it, unless you're very bright.

One really good thing I like about this game is the fighting style. This is a whole new original idea. There has not yet been any other role-playing game with this style of fighting. Maybe similar but not the same. You have to tak turns to hit the enemy as well as for the enemy to hit you like every other role-playing game. However the unique thing about it is that you get to freely move about on the battlefield. You are also given a set amount of time you have during your turn and can do multiple combo attacks.

Another great thing about this game are the characters. There are many different personalities within the game. There are characters that a lot of people will like and other characters a lot of people will hate, as well as characters you don't feel either towards. They are well created and look like they are from a japanese animated cartoon.

The game overall is full of wonders and things to explore. It has a lot of gameplay hours which makes it quite long but I assure you if you like anime and role-playing games, you will enjoy every minute of eternal sonata. It may have a high price to pay for but it is a price worth paying.