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Eve Online: Pc Game Review

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Eve Online is a massive multiplayer game that takes place in an age when anyone can travel in space. You play a capsuleer, aka pilot, and like any good online game there are quite a few different things you can do with your character. Most players focus on combat, but there are quite a few who are dedicated to gathering resources via mining and manufacturing ships and other equipment. In general, Eve is about flying ships to accomplish your goals, and improving yourself to reach higher goals.

In Eve, you first create a character from one of four main races. There are several choices in the character creation process, and it can make a significant difference if you make choices best suited to the style of character you intend to be. Then you must develop your character by learning skills and gaining money.

There is only one way to gain skills in Eve, and that is time. There are five levels to each skill. Each skill takes a certain amount of time to learn and to level up. It does not matter if you are logged in or what you are doing. Each tick on the clock gets your skill closer to completion. Once a skill is completed, you must select the next skill to learn, or you won¢t be learning anything.

Money can be gained in many different ways in Eve. You get a bounty each time you kill an NPC in ship-to-ship combat. You also get items as loot. Additionally, some players have bounties placed on them, and if you are skilled enough to kill them you will collect the bounty. Loot can be sold. Mining asteroids is a profitable venture, but can be boring for some. There are also missions you can run for NPC corporations that pay money. Some missions involve combat, others are courier runs. There are also other ways to make money that become apparent as you get more advanced.

The tutorial is very helpful to get past the initial learning curve, and if you pay attention you will know more than enough to get started. Additionally there are communication channels in the game that you can use to get help from other players.

Eve Online has a great community of players, and is unique among massive multiplayer games for many reasons. There is a reason Eve has been going strong for the past four years without the backing of a behemoth corporation. If you¢ve been wondering just what the possibilities are for a truly high quality online game, Eve may very well be what you¢re looking for.