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Even Used, Avoid The Comp Usa Dh 1764 Monitor

Reviewing: Comp Usa Branded Monitor From Ric Company Dh 1764 17 Inch  |  Rating:
dave By dave on
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We have not one but two CompUSA DH-1764 monitors, bought new a few years back. While this CRT monitor is a decent size (17 inches), I'll be darned if it could be called a good investment. The monitors are heavy, clumsy and not entirely reliable.

Now, you would imagine for an electronics piece, heavy is good. A heavy VCR means it likely has good quality materials inside; same for a DVD player or stereo. In this case, the CompUSA DH-1764 monitor is simply just a heavy monitor to lug around.

Plus, one of these monitors crapped out from basic use early on and required repairs.

The quality of the monitor is okay, but you can get much sharper graphics from other monitors.

Oh and the raster lines - the monitors both picked up raster lines within a year of use. One also had a discoloration issue that flickers from green hues to red hues regularly. Flickering on and off also is a regular issue during use, which is disheartening.

The CompUSA DH-1764 is a 17-inch CRT monitor that appears to be built by the RIC company. I guess they build monitors in China for other companies to slap their brand name on, and it appears others have had negative experiences with the company's products too. Low-buck monitors? See http://www.techspot.com/vb/all/windows/t-1384-busted-monitor-x-2.html for some guy's RIC monitor that bonked out almost immediately.

Only positive: Plug and Play for WindowsXP was easy and it was up and running without any trouble. The problems started appearing within one year of use, though, and therein is the issue.