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Evenflo Aura Travel System

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I received the Aura Elite Travel System by Evenflo at my baby shower for my second daughter. I was very excited to be getting a travel system, since it included the stroller and carseat all in one package, and the two could be combined for convenience. Honestly, though, I have not used it all that much. The carseat I use all the time, and it has some great fetures, including the Latch system, and an adjustable base so baby can be sitting more upright or more lying down. The hood could be a bit bigger, it doesn't do very well at shielding her eyes when I carry her, but I absolutely love the Z-handle, it keeps my tendonitis from getting irritated in my wrist.

The stroller itself has a lot of neat little places for storing things- cupholders, keys, wipes, there's little pouches and pockets everywhere. The basket underneath is pretty good-sized as well. It has a good height, which I need, if the handle is too short I get neck problems. It also has a handle for one-handed steering, which I have found very handy. It does seem a little rickety, though, the wheels tend to make a lot of noise when you're using the stroller. That's probably my biggest complaint with this stroller.

There are also several ways to use this stroller- you can snap the carseat in for a quick transition form car to walking; you can fold up the bottom flaps on the seat, lay the back down, and you have an old-fashioned carriage; you can sit baby upright with their feet dangling like a traditional stroller; and you can lie the back all the way flat for baby to nap, or recline the seat back in any position between upright and flat. Adjusting the recline is very easy to do, a s well, it's simply a cord in the back you pull or release.

As far as ease of use, the harnesses can be a bit tricky, and I had trouble getting them to tighten up all the way, but luckily my baby grew very quickly, so it became a non issue. Folding it up is an absolute breeze!! I can literally fold it one-handed, and if you get the hang of letting it drop down correctly, it latches itself shut, then I just hoist it into the van, and voila! Getting it out is equally is simple, you just unhook the latch, drop it down, make sure it's snapped, and you're done!

It is very easy to clean as well, a couple of times we've had accidents on the stroller, but a regular diaper wipe cleaned off the stain no problem, which made me very happy! :)

Overall, I think this is a great stroller for the price. Some of the travel systems out there are very expensive, and probably have a few less bugs in them, but for what this stoller cost, I am definitely happy with it!!

Update On Jul 07, 2008: I just had to add the company itself, Evenflo, was very helpful this past weekend when we thought out strolelr was broken. There was a piece "missing" where the swvil tray latches, so we were unable to use it, and couldn't find the part online to reorder it. I was very upset, so ended up emailing the company. First thing this morning I had an email in my inbox explaing that sometimes during storage that particular piece gets folded back so you can't see it. Needless to say, I looked where they said, and there it was!! LOL I was very happy to get such a quick and helpful response from the manufacturer!

Update On Jul 07, 2008: I just had to update with how happy I am with the manufacturer of this stroller, Evenflo. We had a situation this weekend where a piece that the swivel tray latches onto was "missing", we thought it had broken off. Unfortunately it meant we couldn't use it, so I went online to see if I could reorder this part. I was unable to find it, so emailed the company explaining our situation. First thing this morning there was an email in my inbox explaining that this piece can sometimes get folded inwards so you can't see it- I immediately checked where they said to look, and there it was!! I was so happy to get such a quick and helpful response from the manufacturer!