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Ever Start Maxx Battery Recommended, Seems Good

Reviewing: Ever Start Maxx Battery 35 N / 640 Cca  |  Rating:
Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Surprisingly enough I have an auto mechanic that I trust. When I needed a new battery this winter he said that the best one for my car was the Wal-Mart Ever Start Maxx.

I had not ever had any work done at the Wal-Mart Auto Shop, but since the price for the battery was based on turning in your old battery core, and the installation was supposedly free, I decided to let them do it. Otherwise I would have had to borrow my husband’s car to take my old battery in and bring the new one home. That just wasn’t convenient at the time.

This is not a review of the service I received at that location or the rating would not be great. There turned out to be a $9 charge that I don’t know yet exactly what it was for since the installation was supposed to be free. The mechanic was rude to the point where I had to call a manager to straighten out a problem with an automatic security system feature that he couldn’t figure out how to shut off. I was at the service center for an hour and a half dealing with this. The installation was done carelessly. I had to loosen the bolts and change the angles at which the wires were feeding to the top of the battery when I got home. I ended up sincerely wishing that I had arranged to do the swap myself.

Nevertheless, the battery was finally replaced, and it is performing well. There is an ongoing starting problem with my car that no one has been able to diagnose. Every so often it won’t start at all, for no apparent reason. The first step in that diagnosis was this battery replacement, because the old one was clearly, well, old. Each time the problem happened I would have to jump start the car. So the new battery has had a few tests in its life to date (about 2 months). Several times since the replacement the car would not start. I would try it about ten times and then give up, and we would scramble to make it possible for me to take the other car to work. However, the difference with the new battery is that the next time (always a number of hours later) that I would try the car again it would start right up. The battery is plenty powerful, and not depleted by the multiple starting attempts.

The intermittent starting problem still isn’t fixed, despite replacing a few other parts, but that’s not the point of this review either!

So, the battery seems to be performing well. It has a two year free replacement warranty. It has a plastic carrying handle across the top which makes it neater and easier than some batteries to move around.

I have no idea what the required rating category “Type” refers to for a battery, so I gave it a 3, everything except the Wal-Mart service seems to be good for this battery. I would have to wait five years to know if it is really an outstandingly good battery, so I rated it at 4.8.