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Evergreens Need More Than Just Water

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It's Spring and many of us have evergreens incorporated somewhere in our landscapes. Unfortunately once they reach an appreciable size we forget that they should be fertilized each growing season. Miracle-Gro makes a great product called, "Fertilizer Spikes" that has many favorable characteristics. They contain the specific nutrients, vital to an evergreen's proper growth. One time application per season. Easy application, just hammer in the spikes in an even pattern around the base of the tree per the manufacturers instructions. Once in place they slowly feed the tree throughout the season. The trees go into the Fall season stronger and better prepared to handle the harsh months ahead. Many people don't realize that evergreens do not hibernate the way deciduous trees do. Their needles are their leaves. They are constructed in such a way that they can withstand the winter months and when the sun is shining they can still make food for the tree. Evergreens keep their chlorophyll the year round this is why they maintain their green color. For more information on evergreens I recommend you follow this blog: http://evergreenwinter.blogspot.com. Some people wonder what trees will benefit from this fertilizer. Spruces, Pines, and Firs will all benefit from this product. Feed your trees well and they will reward you with better growth and stronger limbs.