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Every woman knows how bad that time of the month can be, so why would we choose to make it any worse than what it has to be? Cramps, headaches, backaches, bloating.. The list goes on forever. And, it's inevitable; every woman has had her share of fights with tampons. Everything from leaking to not fitting right, we all have had issues at some point. I believe that my friends and I have found a solution to the tampon problem.

My whole life I've used Tampax, and a couple years ago started using Tampax Pearl. I liked Tampax Pearl, because the applicator never stuck; the problem was, they aren't flushable, and, as a college student, they are a little on the expensive side.

While at the gym one day, I needed a tampon and I asked a friend for one, she handed me a Playtex Beyond Flushable Tampon and I fell in love. I've used them every month since then. They don't leak or hurt and are easy to insert and remove. The Playtex Beyond's applicator never sticks and they aren't as expensive as other leading brands. I can flush the applicator, which is a huge plus for me. Living in a house with 7 other females, I just don't feel like my monthly business needs to be all out in the open. The individual wrapper is plastic, so it never gets torn open while in my gym bag or purse. As for leaking, I have to change it less and we all know that's a good thing. Less bathroom trips. Even though the applicator is cardboard and biodegradable, it's smooth cardboard. Not the rough around the edges, painful cardboard that comes with cheaper tampons.

You can buy the Tampax Beyond's at any grocery or drug store. They come in scented and unscented. I either buy mine at Wal-Mart or Walgreens and I usually buy the Variety Pack (Regular, Super, and Super Plus), which is 48 tampons, for $5.99. The individual boxes of 18 tampons are $2.99 at Wal-Mart.

Overall, I would definitely recommend 'Playtex Beyond Flushable Natural Taper Applicator' Tampons. At least, give them a try! You could be surprised!