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Evil Dead

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By mikeys-thoughts on
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Evil Dead Summary:

5 People rent a cabin out in the woods for a weekend getaway but have no idea whats in store for them.

First Impression:

The first thing about the movie Evil Dead I liked was that its easy to follow as people are plain spoken and uncomplicated. This is totally unlike todays movie environment where things can be harder to follow at times.

Camera Angles:

The Camera Angles in the film are great and really aid to make the movie more frighting as you never know what lies in the next room around the corner. At times I would jerk when something would suddenly happen. They really are the highlight of the film.

Special Effects:

The special effects in the movie are horrible. The special effects are similar to Play Dough as if your watching the cartoon Gumby. This is a movie from the 80s though but still they could have done a better job with the special effects. They were cheap looking. I don't think they had much of a film budget.

The Acting:

The Acting was ok but nothing great. The storyline made up for it.

The Storyline:

This is a movie I would have liked to see years ago. A remember a friend asked me if I had seen the film years back. Overall I really enjoyed the storyline as its very unique.