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Evo 4 G Review

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Devon Shook By Devon Shook on
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The EVO 4G is a true revolution in phones. Not only is it the first 4G phone, but it was released with the most up-to-date features that most other phones only contain a few of. As well, it is on Sprint, which has the cheapest plans, allowing you to take advantage of the new SmartPhone/Android revolution at a great price. I'd like to highlight a few of the best features and explain why it is truly the best phone on the market.

Android. The popular Google OS is gaining speed and very quickly. The EVO 4G is primed to take full advantage of its content and openness. First, HTC has kept the EVO up-to-date on the OS, pushing Froyo onto the device before almost any already released devices had it. Second, with fully stocked hardware including a large screen, camera and 4G, the EVO can tether (for free), play almost all video types and upload content quicker and more conveniently than any phone on the market. Android is a great system, and each update seems to match the makings of the EVO.

Hardware. This is where the EVO really shines. Its 4.3 inch 800x480 screen is beautiful and unlike the "retina" display, its large enough that the beauty can really be appreciated. The camera takes 8mp photos and wonderful 720p video, and has the processing power to do them well. The 4G speeds, and included free USB tethering (thanks to Android) is out of this world. Say goodbye to wired internet and save that $30+/month. The EVO will make landline internet obsolete, and you can be sure other phones will follow suit. Lastly, the EVO is a lot smaller than you'd expect. While its still large compared to its iPhone competition, its shaped well enough that you'll never know the difference. It is truly an awe inspiring feat of electronics.