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Excedrin Migraine

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Lindy Smith By Lindy Smith on
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As anyone who has ever suffered through the agony of a migraine will tell you, finding something to alleviate the pain as soon as possible is imperative. I've been diagnosed with migraines since i was sixteen and it is no picnic. I'm not sure what triggers mine as they happen very randomly. I do know that I get tunnel vision as if I'm blinded by the flash from a camera for a half hour. Once my vision clears up, the horror begins as I am overwhelmed by nausea, and the most blinding headache you could imagine. Once the headache starts, your entire day and much of the next day is completely shot. You are extremely sensitive to light and noise and it often hurts too much to even fall asleep. This was my existence and I lived in fear of migraines until I found Excedrine Migraine. In the past, I spoke to a doctor and he prescribed Imitrex for me. If I was fortunate enough to take them at the onset of the tunnel vision, I had a 50/50 shot of not getting the headache. Once I found the excedrine migraine, it worked 100% of the time!! Even if the half hour had passed and the headache was full blown, I could still take two and it would eradicate the migraine completely. I swear by this miracle of modern medicine and recommend it to anyone who has lost upwards of 36 hours to the pain of a migraine. I don't remember the last time I had to suffer through one and never wish it on anyone. Take two and your headache completely disappears every time!