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Excedrin Migraine For Welcome Relief!!

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As someone who suffered from migraines for many, many years I was finally put on a precription for them when it became available, I think I can speak with confidence on this product. My migraines were caused by monthly hormonal changes. Since I've reached the age that hormones are no longer a problem I find I have fewer migraines. For that occasional time that they do crop up (nothing in the severity of earlier ones) I find that taking two Excedrin Migraine geltabs works for me everytime. I've tried other brands but always come back to Excedrin. I usually buy the smallest bottle of 24 gelltabs or tablets at any pharmacy or grocery store for under $3.00, but they do come in larger bottles and various pill forms. I carry them with me wherever I go so that I'm never caught off guard and would highly recommend migraine sufferers try them. If they do not help, I always advise that person to see a doctor for stronger meds, why suffer when help is out there today. It would have saved me years of undescrible pain, so many lost days at work and missed time wih my children.

Update On Mar 15, 2010: I still occasionally get migraines and the Excidrin Migraine takes care of them before I know it. I can't recommend this medication enough and just wanted to give a short update that this really does work for me and hopefully for everyone that tries it.