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Excedrine Migrane Is The Best

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By mandavalga on
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Have you ever had a migrane? I am not talking just a bad headache but a full blown, throwing your guts up migrane. For those you who haven't had one count yourself lucky. However, for those of you who have, you know how terrible and painful it can be. As a frequent sufferer of severe migranes, I would like to first extend my deepest sympathies to those who suffer as well.

Anyway, because I have migranes at least twice a week, my doctor decided I was bad enough for a prescription called Imitrex. While this worked for me, it did not completely relieve the pain and sensitivity to light and sound. It also made the nausea and vomiting worse.

About 60 days after beginning the prescribtion I ran out and as it was a weekend I caould not get another one. Anyway, I went over to my mom's to she if she had any ( we had the same presription, and yes migranes are hereditary) she said no, but gave me two eecdrine migrane tablets and told me to go lay down. Oh my goodness, 30 minutes later it was like night and day. It worked 100 times better then the imitrex and it relieved all the symptoms in about an hour. After that I quit the imitrex and used the excedrine migrane. Of course I consulted my doctor before doing this and he said that different people have different reactions to different medicines, and that if it worked that well for me then I should continue to take it.

I love the stuff, while it can be a little on the pricey side depending on where you buy it, I would encourage all migrane sufferers to try it. I love the stuff and the relief that it provides.