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Excellent Headphones!

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lordofdarkness66 By lordofdarkness66 on
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Recently, my headphones went bust because of really rough handling. The connection became loose or something and I can't even hear a thing unless I push up the connecting wire towards the headphone speaker. So I decided to go on a headphone-hunting mission and found this really good headphone.

The headphone I want to talk about is the Somic CD-750 model. People familiar with headphones will know that Somic is a quite popular brand when it comes to headphones and audio accessories for computers (at least from where I come from that's the case).

The first thing I noticed about the headphones is its design. The headphone is mostly black in color. I love black. I mean, who doesn't? Anyway, the earpiece has a nice soft leather-like padding. Even the headrest portion also has the same padding. This makes wearing it totally comfortable. The earpiece is adjustable according to different head sizes.

Next is its audio capability. The sounds are simply awesome. The stereo is perfect and works as good as a desktop speaker, maybe even better. The volume control is sensitive and has a very wide range. So, you can set the volume to barely a whisper to one that can make you deaf in a few minutes (do it at your own risk). As a person who listens to a lot of heavy metal music, this headphone really brings out every sound in the track clearly.

Additionally, the phone has a microphone that can be adjusted (if you look at the picture of these headphones you'll have an idea). The microphone relays the voice clearly to the other end. The only drawback to this microphone is that, you can't switch it off unless you pull out the cable from the PC socket. The cord is also a few meters long. This means I can sit at quite a good distance from the PC without any discomfort. The cord is thick and therefore quite durable.

In short, this is a great pair of headphones. The price? Just a mere $8. Now is that a good deal or what? A very good rival to the other so called "branded" products that cost twice as much but has the same quality. Great job Somic.