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Intro: I know I'm not the only one with the junk in my closets and drawers. When I think of useful items I no longer use I feel very wasteful. This urged me to take action, so I took to the internet and found the shining answer to my problems... Game Trading Zone. GameTZ is the anti-hoard! Don't let the name fool you, you can trade nearly anything on this site and you will be dying to get rid of old junk, the only problem being trades aren't quite instant.

About: GameTZ (full name Game Trading Zone) was launched in 1996 by Stephen Osborne and Bill Marrs. It started as just a list of available items and has grown to a full blown site with thousands of items and an extremely active community. GameTZ allows you to trade, buy, and sell anything. It features a very active forum and time tested trading system. It is even allowing user created reviews of items. A quick look at the forum will show you this site is heavily trafficked.

Trade System: The GameTZ trade system is simple but does not always yield results. You list what you have and what you want and the site shows who wants what you have, who has what you want, and who has/wants both. This is all good fun until you send requests to multiple traders and get no replies. This is the main flaw, you don't always get trades very easily. Sure, you will get them eventually but it may take some patience. So if you're patient enjoy! Also, I should note that the more popular your item is the quicker you will get a trade. For every trade you request you will have to go through a short process detailing items being traded, and shipping method. Sounds easy but to get a trade you will probably have to send many of these requests making it quite a hassle. When a trade is finally accepted a specific date of shipping is not specified so you may have to wait even longer for your item to arrive. On the bright side anything can be traded. I mean anything. I once spotted in the recent trades box the exchange of video games for a crossbow! This trade system works and yields great deals, but it can take up to month for a single trade.

Feedback/Trust: What is the only thing keeping the trades going? Trust. This is built by a feedback system based on number of trades. Depending on the number of trades you can gain stars (bronze, silver, gold). The more feedback you have the better the chance of trades. Additionally, your feedback determines who sends items first so build some credibility with small scale/cheap trades. Now to the big issue is whether you can trust people. In my experience of 13 trades and counting I can say mostly. As a user with low feedback I always have to send first which is a little scary to tell the truth. But, it has worked out for every trade but one. I got scammed of $20 dollars by a silver trader (20 or more trades) however this was a rare event and I was unlucky. There is a system in place to punish bad traders so justice will take its course. So, yes, trust this site but only send first to gold traders they will treat you well.

Forums: The trade system is okay but the forums seems to be where many trades are created. Forums are an easier way to create trades by creating a topic about an item you want or have. However, there is so much more you can do with forums. One great example being PSN gameshares (5 members splitting the price for a PS3 game that they all can play) this creates so many money saving opportunities. I would go into more detail but you can check it out yourself.

Conclusion: If you have some patience and games/items to get rid of, this site is for you. If you are careful with who you trade with, you will get many great deals. The more you use GTZ the better the experience will be. This site is not flawless, but use it right and you will be rewarded. So come check out my profile at GameTZ My GameTZ Profile