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Exercise Book

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Ah. The humble exercise book. Remember the days when you got stuck in class or in a lecture and decided to doodle on its pages or rip out a page and pass notes? If not, you're missing out. Go do it now.

(Writing implement is required for most uses of this product, including the two aforementioned.)

This 48 page exercise book is a perfect size and shape. Thin to fit in your bag without taking too much space, light enough to fit in your bag without weighing you down, and made of 100% recycled paper so you know you're not hurting the environment. Ever seen those people that go around with their nice little Tablet PC and stylus? Such a design comes from - that's right - the simple beginnings of pen and paper, which this book is. Since the invention of paper, no tablet PC has been either as light, as small, or as 100% recycled paper as this.

This 48 page exercise book has also been used in many other ways. Apart from keeping records, it is also possible to decorate it (decorations not included) to mark it as personal and special, or to cover it with contact to make the covers impossible to recycle again. Lives have been lost to keep one of these secret.

Such exercise books sometimes become personal memoirs, the beginnings of bestselling novels, or piles of ash. As part of graduation rituals, these are often placed in a pile, coated with petrol, and set alight. The ash then releases a whole lot of nutrients into the soil to be taken up by growing trees. Or at least, I think so.

For those with an insatiable appetite, this book also comes in larger editions, each with more pages, but still none with a logical number. Such numbers include 96, 180 and 360, but of course, if you remove some pages, you can get them to have the correct number of pages. And you can make paper planes with the removed pages. See, everyone wins.

The possibilities are endless, and for a bargain price. Available at your local newsagent.