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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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I like the thought of any decent self respecting "Shared Reviewer" to be able to do reviews on absolutely anything on earth, and this one is quite a challenge. I suppose it will serve me right if nobody reads it. Oh well, here goes:-

I just wanted to do a quick review on basic foam rubber exercise mats, for the simple reason, that they deserve a mention. Let me explain what I mean, they are just a sheet of foam rubber, nothing special at all, so why are they so good? The reason being, they are the very important bit between the hard floor, and you - that other very important bit! They are the cushion that will protect your skin, your bones, and your muscles from damage and of course pain! They will also protect joints, but more importantly, they will allow you to exercise freely, secure in the knowledge that the mat is there, so you don't get concerns over injuries. You should feel safe and secure doing any exercise, without getting side-tracked into thinking about getting all sorts of cuts or bruises.

These very good soft but durable mats, come in a variety of colours, sizes, and even shapes, mine is just a simple rectangle, and is 6mm thick, which I suppose is about average. I must say that the ones with rounded corners do tend to wear better, the sharp corners can catch on clothing and take quite a hammering. Mine is of course a blue one, I would not dream of using some colours, certainly not a pink one. I know of some people who use two layers of them for some exercises, this is not good practice, and certainly not recommended as standard, but the choice is yours of course, it is after all, your body.

These mats are also very useful for other jobs too, you can fold them & use them when kneeling, either in the garden or the house. I have even used mine while camping, it does make a pretty good mattress, although mine is short, so I actually use two! When you think of it, a camping mattress is pretty much the same material.

Another very good use for them, is when doing jobs around the house, like carpet laying, or sanding and painting skirting boards, or wiring up electrical sockets, for these jobs and many more, you should be using knee pads. I say you should, but of course we just don't! We just do not buy such things, however, we DO have our trusty rubber mats, which double up to do the job perfectly. This will save us a lot of pain in the future, as knee troubles are often diagnosed as being caused early in life.

You will find these wonderful products at many outlets, including Supermarkets and even discount stores, so try one out. I am impressed, and that says a lot. I would never have given them a second thought if I had not been given one.