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Expensive Antibacterial Ointment

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We continued to look for something that could heal my baby's insect bites and not cause them to turn black for ages. After so many creams and ointments, our pharmacist neighbor recommended Bactroban ointment, which is 2% Mupirocin. While it was very expensive, we closed our eyes and just bought it for the sake of our baby.

The first time we used it, my baby had five bites that first was small and red and after a day, swelled so big and the small lump turned into a blister. We are still not sure what bit her. Anyway, since the bite was already 2 days old when we bought Bactroban, we thought, maybe it is not as effective. The swelling did not immediately subside and now my baby still has black spots on the areas where the bite had swollen.

Then she was bitten again and we immediately put Bactroban. The blister even got worse as it had pus in it already. Arggh... And the area still turned dark.

I am still on the look out for a medicine that can cure the bites and not leave ugly scars for my baby. This one didn't work!