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Expensive But Excellent Foot Care

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Since I am a diabetic, I am always looking for creams or lotions that can heal my rough feet. When I took my mom to her podiatrist, he suggested DPM Cream. It is supposed to be sold only in doctor's offices, though I have seen it for sale online as well. It does not require a prescription.

I was a little shocked at the price, which was $20.00 plus tax. With so many other lotions on the market for dry, rough skin, that just seems a little pricey to me. But I loved the minty fragrance, and the consistency of the cream. It seemed to moisturize without making my feet greasy, like some lotions do. Others evaporate so quickly, that they leave no moisturizing effects at all. This lotion is soothing, and left my feet feeling refreshed!

I particularly liked the way it helped to heal the calluses on my heels. The podiatrist cautioned against using it around the toe area, as the toes are already moist enough, and prone to fungus.

The directions suggest that you apply the cream twice daily, and massage in well. I often forget until bedtime to use foot lotions, but that is a good time, as it will have plenty of time to penetrate the skin, and moisturize.

Because of the high cost of this cream, I will probably alternate it with other foot lotions. However, to a diabetic, almost nothing is as important as good foot care, so it is worth every penny to keep our feet in good health.