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Expensive But So Worth It For Special Occasions

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Label.m brand is only sold in professional salons. My hairdresser warned me about the dangers of blow drying without using heat protection and persuaded me to part with £10 to have my very own bottle of top-quality heat protective conditioner. She also told me that she left her label.m heat protective conditioner in the sun and it changed from lilac to pink to clear. Apparently it still works just as well as before...

At £10 for 300ml it isn't cheap. I only use it if I'm wanting a day of particularly lovely hair. Mind you, I let my hair drip-dry unless I'm wanting a day of particularly lovely hair. So perhaps if you are styling your hair with heat every day you should use a heat proof conditioner or spray more frequently than I do. This one only needs a very small amount - about a 5p piece for long, thick hair - to work perfectly. I've had mine for a good year or so now! It still works just as well as it did on the first day I got it.

The conditioner has a delicate fragrance which won't interfere with whatever perfume you've got on. On the bottle it says it uses "ginger, ginseng, bergamont, juniper, mandarin orange and vanilla" as well as "wheat and soy proteins".

The bottle says "For All Hair Types" but on the back emphasises that it is "perfect for curly and fine hair" due to its strengthening properties and protection from frizz and split ends.

The bottle itself is a little different from others I have seen: it's transparent so you can see how much of the lilac liquid you've got left, and it has a square base but a circular top.

Sometimes the opening where the conditioner comes out can get blocked by the hardened purple conditoner (a bit like what often happens with glue), but it's quite easy to poke it out. I don't think the fact that it hardens like that is damaging to hair. My hairdresser is a very good one who advises me to steer clear of shampoos like Pantene which have a lot of hair-damaging silicone in them, so I don't think she would have been using label.m if it was in anyway damaging to hair. As I mentioned: it's heat-protective. And it leaves your hair feeling wonderfully soft, unlike the odd texture I find that conditioners like Pantene give your hair.

Aside from that, the container is recyclable and the product is not tested on animals.