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Experience The College Life

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jointoearn By jointoearn on
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I have enjoyed my college life a lot. But after reading this book i started enjoying lot more then my early days. Not only i have read dis but also tried some of der experiences in my life. he first 14 chapters of book are really cute. There is this very interesting concept in the book. Each of the three out of the four central characters in the book have a chapter devoted to themselves where they put their perspective on the way things are or why things are the way they are. The fourth character is the author for the rest of book. These chapters are particularly very sweet and cute. Each of the characters cribbing about how hari had been biased in the rest of the book, giving their own justifications. In fact one of the characters said he can't take too much liberty even in his chapter cos hari might edit it. But despite that the book lacks perspective. It's as other characters in book insist Hari's (chetan's) very narrow perspective on iit and life. I really doubt if majority of iit males would romance with a girl just for getting physical. Chetan has portrayed all 9 pointers as nerds. While that may be true for some but i think that some of the coolest guys around are 8 pointers. Its again hard to believe that someone studying regularly for 3hours a day is 5 pointer if he is really studying You study 3 hours a day and you need to be really dumb to get anything less than 7.5 particularly if you are in mechanical.

Actually half way through the book, that's chapter 14, I was disappointed why only just 130 more pages are left, there should have been more.

So wat r u guys waiting for plz go and purchase dis book...........