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Expiration Date By Eric Wilson

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lorianna By lorianna on
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Clay Ryker's life isn't going well; his business has fallen apart, and his marriage is about to do the same. Understandably, Clay is not in the best mood when he returns to his hometown to move back with his parents. A brief conversation with a woman in the bus seems insignificant. Then strange things begin to happen. When Clay touches a person, he senses numbers, and the numbers indicate the date they will die. This "expiration date" is always correct. As Clay struggles with this newfound ability, he begins to receive anonymous notes that make hints a certain event in his past - the event he had been trying to forget for the last twelve years. He thought no one knew about what had happened back then, but it turns out that somebody does. This "somebody" also seems to know about Clay's gift to foresee deaths.

"Expiration Date" is an interesting read. I kept guessing what's going on, trying to figure out how the two seemingly unconnected sides of the plotline - Clay's dark secret and his gift to sense death - are tied together. I must say the author has managed to keep me in the dark almost to the very end.